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The extension of the Internet into the physical world (Internet of Things) requires a combination of many research areas like Web technologies, distributed systems, database systems, networking, sensor networks, Semantic Web, Linked Data, etc. This synergy facilitates the interconnectivity and interoperability of the Things on the Web. The goal is to enable simple access to data irrespective of their source (sensors, embedded systems, Web, Semantic Web, Linked Data, social media, e.g., Twitter, etc.), scalable management of this data using a single access abstraction, and a single data model. This will enable simple standardised ways to derive useful insights from the dynamic linked data. However, the sheer size, dynamics, and heterogeneity of the data in the IoT realm poses novel and unique challenges.

 In the Open Distributed Systems group we investigate the next generation Internet of linked devices and data. We aim to create methods to provide reliable and transparent knowledge which enables realtime and meaningful actions.

 Specific areas of research include:

● largescale (semantic) distributed information and computing systems

● Linked Data streams

● database research, specifically largescale Linked Data management

● provenanceaware data management

● semantic sensor networks

● sensor networks middleware

 This requires a combination of research and approaches from the following areas: Internet of Things, Linked Data, Data Streams, Databases, Semantic Web, and Big Data.


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